Photos from the exhibition at Fredrikstad Kunstsenter














Shoes made of embroidery where both the front and back of embroidery has been used.
The heels are reused old chair legs



Handmade boots and hood from carpetmaterials i used in my exhibition Crystallized at No13contemporary. Inspired by
Gold Cobra Netjer-Ankh and hieroglyphs found in the tomb of Tutankhamon

Walking art

This is a collection of 6 unique and distinctive pairs of ‘one-of-a-kind’ handmade shoes, made for the exhibition
Easy ticket to Hoppa hage held in Stockholm Dec. 2015 at Larrys Backroom. For this exhibition I was inspired
by typical materials used for creating art. Materials such as canvas, paint, pencils & chalk has been incorporated into the shoes.

The shoe: print me a birdie is a collobaration with Norwegian artist Jens Stegger Ledaal.
He used a technique on the soles inspired by wood-cutting.


Shoe tales - Inspired by fairytailes & furnitures

This is a collection of 7 unique and distinctive pairs of ‘one-of-a-kind’ handmade shoes. My vision for the collection was to create pieces of art and not just functional footwear. I want my shoes to be an aesthetic expression, pleasing to the eye as well as challenging to fully grasp.

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squirrel 2 Emerald Horseshoe Horseshoe2

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Ship Ahoy sailor boy

Collobaration with Dundas footwear Tattoed by Glenn Glitter
Made to honour the tough sailors from the last century and the adventurous spirit of Amund Dietzel.










Souvenirs from paradise

The photos below are from a collaboration i did with the Norwegian secondhand chain and help organization Fretex.
All shoes features recycled material . The Fretex project was made to inspire people to think about material in new ways.

Materials used: Carpets, trivet rugs, old jewelry, souvenirs & leather left-overs.

I entitled the collection "Souvenirs from paradise"



Bellow are photos from my old collection