Art projects

Cobra (2018)

Handmade boots and hoodie made of carpet materials.

Inspired by the gold cobra Netjer-Ankh and hieroglyphs found in the tomb of Tutankhamun.

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Baksiden (2018)

Shoes made of embroidery where both the back and the front of the embroidery has been used. The heels are vintage chair legs

1 photo by Tonje Kornelie & 3 interpretation photos by Erika hebbert 

Fairytales (2014)

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Melt me a pair of shoes (2017/2019)

Two of many ice shoes i have created of water & flowers

The project was to create as environmentally friendly shoes as possible

Draw me a pair of shoes (2016)

Shoes made of vegetable tanned leather.

Handpainted seems and bowties, the heels

are made of coloured pencils.

Inspired by orthopedic shoes

Svinesund (2017)

Shoes made of 100% sugar & candy bought on the Swedish border.

Inspired by the phenonemon "Harry Handel"

Llama Llama (2014)