Total meltdown

Timelapse video of a shoe made of ice 

& flowers. Slowly melting away, leaving no tracks of existense.

Shown at my solo exhibition Krystallisert

at No 13 Contemporary.

Fast Fashion

Shoes made of sportstape.

Combination of video and timelapse.

Filmed by Tonje Karenina Pettersen.

Grow me a pair of shoes

Shoes with seeds and a hat with water

to nuture the shoes to grow,

Easy ticket to Hoppa hage

Shoes made with chalk soles to leave and draw tracks with your feet.

Melting Shoes

Video from the shoe exhibition Walking art by Elisabeth Thorsen held in Stockholm Dec 18th at Larrys Corner.

Featuring shoes made of ice melting, timelapse made by HÃ¥vard Windingstad Music: HOBO1 - 3RDTRY2 (Poodles Caroli remix)